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Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico, we are a fully accredited Certified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center, offering our patients an alternative to high-priced cosmetic surgery. Mexico, in fact, has become one of the world’s prime destinations for those clients looking for low-cost, high-quality cosmetic procedures. At Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico, under the leadership of our medical director, Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero, we have been providing our patients safe and affordable cosmetic surgery - face lift, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, and a host of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures - for over 14 years.

We are conveniently located in the prestigious Lloyds SIMSA building in Tijuana B.C. Mexico - just a 25-minute drive from San Diego and 150 yards from the United States border. Since our inception, it has been our commitment to continually provide our clients access to the most advanced plastic and cosmetic surgery techniques in a comfortable, clean, and discreet environment; providing you with superlative attention and service and the most reasonable price.

Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero is a Board Certified Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon with 14 years of experience. As Estheticos's Director he is committed to provide excellent results using his professional experience and with the great support of an outstanding staff.

Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero is a member of the Mexican Association of Plastic Surgery, as well as the association of plastic surgeons in Baja California. He is considered one of the most renowned and dedicated plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico




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Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero, and the center as a whole, is committed to providing patients with the safest, most comfortable experience possible with the beautiful outcome that they expect from plastic surgery. Mexico has become one of the premier destinations for affordable cosmetic procedures; but as with any elective surgery you need to take the time to ensure that you choose the right doctor, as well as the right facility.

While considering plastic cosmetic surgery in Mexico you must consider some very important factors:

Selecting a surgeon who is able to speak English is crucial so that you can effectively communicate about the procedure and aftercare in order to have all of your questions answered appropriately.

You must be able to verify your surgeon’s license and credentials. You should always deal with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Accordingly, every country in the world has a board which makes it easy for the consumer to research and verify any plastic surgeon. The following is a link to the Mexican Board of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery where you will find all the certified surgeons in the State of Baja California, Mexico.

You must have a comprehensive pre-evaluation analysis of your case with your surgeon. The best thing to do is send front and side view photos of the area(s) where you are considering having a procedure in and have the surgeon offer his professional opinion. It is also a good idea to send pictures of a role model celebrity that has the look that you’re aiming for. The most important thing is determining whether the surgeon will be able to provide the result that you would like. He must give you a clear and logical explanation of the process, preparation, procedure, and aftercare.

Why does Mexico offer less expensive cosmetic surgery?


Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero has been a Board Certified Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon for 15 years

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All of the factors above reflect an overall saving to the patient.

While it may be tempting to pursue the cheapest price you find for plastic surgery procedures online, be mindful of the sacrifice you may have to make for such a low price.

Don’t just go for the cheapest price for plastic surgery procedures on the Internet; remember to consider the quality of the surgery that may be associated with such a cost. There is only a certain margin in which you can successfully achieve high quality along with a good deal. We all want a great price, but none of us want it to come at the expense of cheap medications, cheap implants, and an inexperienced anesthesiologist (it’s typically more expensive to hire an experienced board certified anesthesiologist).

You are already saving money by considering plastic surgery in Mexico but there is no need to push that saving further by risking your health. Remember that like in the United States, in Mexico there are a great number of doctors performing plastic surgery procedures without being board certified. In fact, most of the time the lowest prices on surgery are being offered by those doctors who are not board certified.


Our country is home to a good number of accredited facilities for plastic surgery. Mexico, in fact, offers you savings just by coming here for your cosmetic surgery -face lifttummy tuck, and more at incredible quotes. Often, however, cost savings can come at the sacrifice of quality of medications, implants, and more. Look for doctors and facilities that have made a commitment to cost savings for their patients without sacrificing excellent standards.


Referrals from family or friends - as well as any previous patients - are gold. Your surgeon must provide numerous testimonials from patients and include full names and contact information so that you can speak directly to them to ask about the facility, staff, satisfaction with their procedure(s) and their overall experience and result.

Know what you want

It is very helpful to have multiple consultations with plastic surgeons in your area. This will give you a clear idea of the possible treatments and techniques available in your case. The more information you gather, the more confidence you will have to make the decision that is right for you and at the time you have your consultation for cosmetic surgery in Mexico you will have peace of mind.

Some suggestions from plastic surgeons can absolutely vary but the proposal has to make sense, must sound logical–and, in the end–it must fulfill your needs and expectations.

Chat Over the Phone

First speak in English with the facility staff and the plastic surgeon in Mexico. This communication will gradually give you peace of mind and confidence while they answer many of the questions you are likely to have about your procedure including the overall process, method of payment, verification of credentials, and traveling arrangements. You should be able to send photos directly to your surgeon, along with your personal medical information. You may also consider having a virtual consultation with the surgeon, he will be able to understand your needs and provide recommendations as far as preoperative instructions before you travel.

Your surgeon must provide you with emergency contact numbers and somebody from the surgical facility must be available at all times.

Have Your Traveling Documents

You are traveling out of the country and there are some rules associated with this travel including having the appropriate documents with you and information regarding what you are allowed to take (and not allowed to take) across the border. You can browse for helpful information on this subject in the following link.

During Your Visit

  1. First impression is the best. The entire facility should be clean and presentable, the staff should be friendly and able to thoroughly answer all of your questions, and you should be able to verify credentials and talk to other patients to gauge their experience.

  2. Don’t be afraid to ask. Remember there are no bad questions, any question is valuable. The facility staff, as well as the surgeon, must be comfortable answering anything. Make sure they spend the necessary time with you: As long as it takes to thoroughly answer your questions and make you feel confident. If possible, make a list of questions in advance because this will save you time and help ensure that you don’t forget anything.

  3. Get a quote in writing. To make sure all agreed upon information is clear for both parties, you must receive a written quote that specifies the amount due for surgery and all related items to check what the price covers and what it does not.

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Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero came from a family of doctors. His father was a professor at the UABC medical school for 26 years in the area of infectious disease. His mother is a M.D. in the area of family practice. The passion for medicine and patient care runs in the family and because of this, Dr. Gutierrez enrolled himself in medical school at the age of 18. At this time, he told himself “Someday I will be a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.”







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