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Vaginal Reconstruction (Vaginoplasty)

There are many reasons why patients look for vaginal reconstruction in Mexico but the majority of them are patients that have had vaginal birth deliveries. Others have a birth defect and vaginal reconstruction offers these patients to have an increase in sexual pleasure, restore functionality, and have a better cosmetically appearance overall.

What is vaginal reconstruction?

Vaginal reconstruction is a series of procedures for rejuvenating and restoring the appearance and function of the vagina. It consists of 2 procedures; the labia reconstruction and the vaginalplasty. The patient can be born with redundancy in the minor or major labia, or they can be thick and prominent.

Other patients after vaginal birth delivery have muscle and mucosa that can be redundant and the muscle tone is lost, patients usually complain of losing sensitivity.

Who are ideal candidates for vaginal reconstruction?

Females who are born with a redundancy in minor labia that over hangs and it is redundant. Also for patients that commonly complain of irritation with their clothes or discomfort and friction in the intercourse.

How do patients have thick mayor labia and pubic area?

Patients after vaginal birth delivery notice: that there are redundancy of minor or major labia, looseness of the muscle tones of the vagina, they also experience reduced sensitivity and reduced their sexual pleasure. Life is not as it was before children; patients don’t feel comfortable with the physical appearance of their labia and vagina and they feel uncomfortable in the intimate sexual relation.

What is a labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a procedure design to correct and eliminate a redundancy of the minor labia, in some cases the mayor labia are thick, the pubic area collects a large amount of fat and both labia and pubis stick out and are bulky and you can see with any tight clothing. The procedure consists of, taking care of the patients need, if the pubic and mayor labia are prominent liposuction of the pubic area and resection of the mayor labia will solve the problem. This will leave a more flat pubic area, and will reduce the size and projection over the entire vagina.

How is it done?

Most of this procedures are performed under regional anesthesia and sedation, small canulas for liposuction are used and resection of the redundancy is perfomed. This area heals very well and without any scar.

What is vaginal reconstruction?

The vaginal reconstruction is a procedure designed to eliminate the redundancy of tissue, reduce the size on the entrance of the vagina, repair the muscles, help to tone of the vagina, and restore the sensitivity lost after vaginal birth delivery. In some cases it can also correct the size discrepancy in the couple (vagina too large, penis too small).

The vaginal reconstruction is done under regional anesthesia. The removal of excess of mucosa, muscle repair, and reduction at the entrance of the vagina will help to recover the muscle tone, recover the sensitivity, increase sexual pleasure, and will give back confidence to the patient.

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