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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

A Brazilian butt lift in Mexico is a procedure designed to reshape and enhance the butt, and is a popular procedure. This procedure consists in collecting fat by liposuction on different areas of your body and transferring the fat to the gluts area with the intention of increasing the volume, improve the shape and lifting of the butt.

We have to consider and select the ideal candidate to have a Brazilian butt lift. These are usually patients with fat deposits in different areas of their body that create a deformity. Whether it was fat deposited after pregnancy in areas that normally were not there or they gained weight, the fat is extracted and collected by liposuction and transferred to the buttock area.

The Concept of Fat grafting

These ideas of fat transferring or“grafting” is based on the following concept:

Grafting is the transfer of live tissue from a donor area (with out any form of circulation or blood flow) and its placement on a receptor area expecting that the reception area will provide the sufficient blood flow for the survival. The best donor area of our body is the one that has the most amount of blood vessels per square millimeter, called “the muscle”. The fat should be successfully transferred to the muscle. The largest one of the muscles in the body is the gluteus, that’s why this kind of transfer is so successful.

The procedure consists in doing liposuction in the areas of the body that doesn’t allow having a good figure and collecting the fat. Once the fat is separated from the blood and fluid has been placed in syringes and transfer into the gluteus muscle, this will increase the volume and give a nice figure in your body. There are some important factors to consider such as which is the best donor area.

There are some areas of our body where the fat is more yellow, more pure, less amount of fibrous tissue, easier to extract. These areas are: lowered abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs and hips. Areas like “ back” and upper body where fat is more compact and has more fibrous tissue are considered to be less ideal for transferring. Areas of your body that have been liposuctioned before are not good donor areas. In fact what you will find is scaring tissue from the previous surgery, you can’t extract pure fat, and this will reduce the chances of a good survival of the fat.

What is the amount of fat transfer?

Some doctors are able to transfer from 300 to 500 cc of fat, but others can be very aggressive and transfer up to 1000cc. You have to remember that in order for the fat to survive the fat has to be in side of the muscle, and patients who are looking to have there but augmented don’t have a large gluteus muscle to begin with! So the more fat injected the more the possibility for the fat to be reabsorbed!

Is the fat transfer permanent?

No, the transferred fat that is expected to survive is up to 50% and the rest of the fat injected will gradually be absorbed within the next 6 to 9 months. If patients want more they can always come back for more as long as they have a good donor area.

What size do I expect to have?

The concept is “enhancement” if a patient wants to accomplish a large permanent volume on their butt, this type of patient is more ideal for a butt augmentation with butt implants.

Where are the scars placed?

This procedure should be performed with a minimal incision 1/8 of an inch on the external corner of the butt or on top of the natural crack. These are normally heals well.

Can I have fat transfer to other areas of my body?

As long as the fat is transferred in side of a muscle that the fat will survive.

The Brazilian butt lift was designed to totally reshape your body. It is performed by extracting and collecting the fat deposit of your body especially in those areas that don’t let you have a nice figure and then the fat will be injected in your gluteus muscle to increase the shape, lift and add volume.

It will change your shape, booty and appearance!

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